From D.C. to Beijing

Friday, April 28, 2006


Hmmm maybe all of the adoption paper work is good. N and I really do not like our current Dr office and have been meaning to change but we have been so busy. Well today I made myself call and change to a new Dr. Even though I thought it would not take affect until June. Surprise! It takes affect today and better yet they have a notary in the office. This is great for us because the last Dr. Didn't and we would have had to find a notary and have them come with us to the Dr. Office and notarize the forms. So 1 less thing to worry about! And this make N have to go in for a check up which he hates LOL. So all around this will make my life easier!

I really want to be DTC(Documents to China) by the end of July but I do not think this is very realistic lol. If I wasn't in school I am sure we could do it faster. It is very frustrating for N and I to have to spend so much time on finals and not be able to really start the paper work.


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