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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dossier info

Last night we got a call from the person who will help us put together our dossier. She was very helpful and gave us lots of info on how to do different things. One of the main things is the notary language that must appear on all of the documents. The other is that N and I have to now remember to use our full names on EVERY piece of paper we sign.

One little problem we are about to encounter concerns our criminal background checks. Because we lived in MA and MN for a year we have to have background checks in each of these states. LOL this is going to prove difficult because these forms have to be notarized with the exact notary language. The police station here said to get out criminal background checks we will need to bring two forms of idea so I am not sure how we are going to mange to get the ones from Ma and MN.

We will also walk our docs through the Va authentication process, the State Department and the Chinese consulate or embassy. If we walk the docs through this will save us several weeks than if we had our agency mail them back and forth. If N and I are not able to walk them ourselves we will hire a courier.


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