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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The New Pictures of Eva

OK I am going to post the new pictures we are 98% sure are Eva. A very nice lady who just brought her daughter home had sent a care package. She included a disposable camera and had ask that the director take pictures of her daughter. she posted that the pictures had a few other babies and pictures of the SWI. Because we cannot go to this SWI we wanted to see it and we had a small sliver of hope that Evie might be one of the babies in the pictures. SHE WAS!!! When I saw the picture of her looking down at the toy with those cheeks puffed out I knew it was her.

We cannot believe how lucky we are that Evie was in these pictures and that this incredible lady was willing to share them. Her daughter and another baby were in the picture but we cropped them out. So N and I wonder if these little girls might have the same nanny. She would have been around 17 months or so in these pictures.


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