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Sunday, March 18, 2007

6 weeks together

We have been with Eva for 6 weeks now! It feels like we have been together forever. We love her so much. she is a little spitfire but I guess we shouldn't expect anything less.

She is so smart. she knows three signs. She does the eat sign which she also uses for more. she uses the all done sign. She just learned diaper. She does not use this one in the right way yet lol. she has a little doll that S sent and she loves to take its diaper off and then do the diaper sign to me to put a diaper on it. she will also make the diaper sign when we change her.

The other day she was dirty and she brought N and diaper to change her with. She is getting so smart! I am sure if it wasn't for her open palate that she would be talking now. she babbles at us all of the time and sings and dances.

She loves the baby Einstein neighborhood animals DVD. She will hang her tongue out like the dogs do in the video. She also like the teletubbies (much to the dismay of her parents!)

She loves to be tickled and to "kick" the ball. she will take her little ball to the book shelf and hold the shelf while she stands on the ball to make it move. she thinks this is "kicking" the ball.

One new thing she does is to carry her baby around and make sad faces and sounds to it. N and I are a little baffled by this. We think because the doll is Asian that she is sad and telling the baby she is sad. We are not sure but it breaks my heart to watch it. I always kiss her doll and smile at it so who knows.


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