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Sunday, March 25, 2007

7 weeks since Eva

We have had Eva for 7 weeks now! Time goes by so fast. We love her so much. We had a good visit with grammy, popop and molly. Mom got her to kiss me and even N got a kiss but now she says no to kissing us. She has learned to shake her head no. I will ask her if she wants to kiss mama or baba and she shakes her head no. It is so cute but I wish she hadn't learned no so fast lol. she also can say bottle and if she wants a bottle she will do the eat sign and say bottle. She is also trying to say bye and yeah.

She is also showing lots of potty training signs. I taught her the sign for diaper and the last few days she will come to me and do the diaper sign and then go off and poop and then come right to me and do the diaper sign. I am not sure if she can tell when she has to pee or not. N and I are going to get her a potty and try next weekend. It is silly but I am not ready to potty train her yet. It is yet one more sign that my baby isn't such a baby any more and I just barely got her.

She is so smart. She is learning so fast.

One issue we are still having lots of trouble with is bath time. she is terrified of the bath and N and I have tried everything. We have put little water and toys and she sill cries the whole time she is in the tub. Mom had the great idea of letting Evie watch her cousins in the tub and maybe she would want in also.

The other issue is that she does not like kids. Whe we got to the playground if a child gets near her she freaks out. I am not sure what this is about. We went to a new playground early this morning ans she played for over an hour and past out at nap time.


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