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Sunday, August 03, 2008

18 months together

Tomorrow will be 18 months together as a family. Time has really been speeding past. Lets see
chicklepea is now 3 going on about 13. She is about 32lbs and about 37inches tall. She is still very very skinny but long. Her language is much better and we are 1 year out past the palate surgery and her articulation is getting better slowly.

Her attachment issues are slowly getting better. I think we will have issue related to this for many years to come but her behavior at this point in time is getting better.

We are so in love with our sweet baby. I love to watch her sheer joy and love of life. She will just break out into a little dance, sing a song or spontaneous hugs. Our life was forever changed 18 months ago in Hohhot China and we could not be happier with our baby.


  • Congrats on 18 months together! She is so cute in her dance clothes!


    By Blogger Eliza2006, at 12:43 PM  

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