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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Long time no post

Sorry we have been very busy with the end of the semester fast approaching. N is doing well and I am working very hard at failing Stat so that I can retake it again in the spring. I am disappointed but it has been much harder than I expected.

Chicklepea is doing well. She had a great time visiting her grandparents and her cousins. Poor at P wanted to put her out of the car on the way back and I did too! She was horrible and I am still not sure what it was about.

Her next school evaluation is January 3rd. Yup that's right. I first contacted them in September. This is crazy! She really needs more help and I am doing everything in my power but its not enough.

I do think I got a "more cookie" out of her tonight. The surgeon said her mouth looks good so I am not sure why her language is still so delayed. She interacts with kids 2 days a week and has speech once a week but we have seen almost no improvement.


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