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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What to do, what to do?!?!

Ok this post is mainly out of frustration. As many of you know N and I truly desire to move back south. We want to live near our parents. There are many reasons for this.
1. We are most comfortable in the south. This is where we grew up. May not live in the same small town we grew up in but at least be closer to family.
2. It is cheaper. Housing cost in the DC area are crazy. Even with the market cooling off we can still not afford that 500k townhouse.
3. I want Chicklepea to live near her grandparents. She loves them so much and I know it would enrich her life if she could be closer to them.

Now as most of you know for the last 7 years N and I have tried to move back south. No matter how hard we try it just never seems to be the right time or the right job. This is so frustrating!!

But as we were talking again about when to sell the condo and we again run into this issue of wanting to not buy again here(if we could find something affordable) or maybe renting after we sell until sometime next fall.

Now that we have Chicklepea the issue of where we move is so much more difficult.
1. She deserves to live in an area where she is not seen as "exotic"(this really sickens me so much I cannot really talk about it)
2. She deserves to go to a school where she frequently sees people who look like her.
3. She should be able to have friends who live near her look like her also.
4. she should be able to go to stores, restaurants and playgrounds where she is not the only child who looks like she does.

As much as i loath where we live now(because of cost and traffic) it has many good points. Chicklepea can see people who look like her everyday and in almost ever place we go to.

Chicklepea has lost so much in her young life that n and I cannot ignore the things that might make her life easier. She has lost her mother and father, her family, her culture and her country. She is such a joy and blessing in our families but our joy was a huge tragedy to her, and her family. I honestly cannot even begin to think of how we talk to her about this. She is so smart I think we will need answers to these questions sooner than later.


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