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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quick update

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. N and I are both in school and it is HARD! Eva is doing so well. I am so amazed with her everyday. She brings such joy and light into our lives. Her new favorite food is MAC! My girl will bring you the box and yell MAC!!! She scrunches her little nose up while yelling it. She is now very affectionate. She hugs and kisses both N and I. Her favorite song is the Barney song...I love you. you love me.... She will sing the song and hug and kiss at the right time in the song. It really is the cutest thing ever.

She is still holding at 33 inches and 25 hard won pounds. She becomes more adorable with every new day.

Potty training is now on hold for a little while longer. She can tell us when she needs to go but her communication is not clear enough. She did go in the potty once. I want to wait until she is ready so we do not have any issues with her feeling bad about the experience. If that makes sense. I want to wait until she can be successful.

Her behavior in public has improved a great deal. She is doing so well in that regard I am amazed!

We are still plugging along with the attachment issues. They are VERY slowly getting better but it can be so draining. I do sometimes wonder if they will ever be healed.

Early intervention came and did the evaluation. She will soon be starting speech therapy and have occupational therapy for sensory issues. I really feel that some of her behavior difficulties are sensory related.


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