From D.C. to Beijing

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Too excited to sleep!

Well I finished all of my exams just in time for our trip in the morning! N has one tonight then he is finished. We sent in our draft of the LOI( letter of intent) for Tong. The agency will let us know of any changes they want us to make and then they will translate it into Chinese then send it on its way. We are both so excited it has been hard to concentrate on finals.

The good and the bad...........

We want tong home NOW! But I need to finish school. We hope to travel at the end of December but it may be sooner or later. I go back and forth between wanting her home this second and wanting to finish my last 2 semesters. It is really hard because both finishing my degree and having children are very important for me. Both are goals that N and I have worked very hard towards.

We have faith that she will come at the right time and will have to let go of the worry. I guess now that we have seen her picture we are so in love I find myself thinking about what she is doing. She is 1 so she is probably learning to walk and I am going to miss those first steps. Its hard to know all of the things we are missing in her life.

N and I are going to learn baby sign language to help her with the transition. We have no idea how delayed her speech will be. We hope that with the baby sign she will be able to pick it up fast and learn to understand English also.


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