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Monday, March 26, 2007

NO to the Easter Bunny

Sorry to the Grandparents but Eva was not going to sit with the Easter bunny. We took her and she saw him but as we got close she put the death grip on me. I did get a few pictures of her in her dress so when I get a chance I will send them.

Eva hit me in the mouth with a book and then she kissed me! I only asked once and she did it! She is getting much better about being hugged and kissed but still not a big fan of kissing or hugging us.

We did teach her when she is hurt to come to us and we will kiss her owie.

Poor N is putting her to bed tonight. She took a 3 hour nap today after visiting the animals at the farm. She loved the animals as long as i had her in the baby carrier. I am so surprised that she lets me carry her in this carrier. It is a Babyhawk and I love it. It lets me carry her for a long time and I do not feel her weight on my back a t all. I wish we had it when we were in China. It is so easy to wear and it looks cute too. It holds her very close to my chest and she looks at me more. I think it makes her feel more secure.


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