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Saturday, May 27, 2006

First Interview

Sorry it has been awhile but N and I were out of town and then I started school on Monday so we have had a crazy few weeks.

We have been running around trying to gather all of the paperwork and sending off for our different documents.

I counted and N and I have to get a total of 7 different clearances that prove we are not sex offenders or criminals.

I truly believe this proves that most people in society feel that it is not "natural" to love someone who is not related to you by blood. I find this concept hysterical because the love of my life is not related to me by BLOOD. I personally highly suspect people who CANNOT love people who are not related by blood.

We had our first interview with the social worker today and it went well. We like her and she seemed pretty competent. I was somewhat put off by the questions about Tong's special needs. I believe N and I are as prepared as it is possible to be. I know for a fact that they do not ask women who give birth if or how they intend to take care their special needs child before they leave the hospital. Its as if because she is not our biological child's that we woke up one morning and said "Hey N I'm bored.....I know LETS HAVE A BABY" and then looked around and thought this one looks good lets get her.

N and I prayed and prayed and read and read before we called the agency about her. We emailed friends and family and strangers from message boards about her special need. We have researched as much as possible and yet we have to prove over and over again how prepared we are.

But let me say IT WILL BE WORTH IT! I have no doubt that she is our baby and so we will jump hoop after hoop of fire for her.

Our next visit is next Monday and the social worker will be coming to our home.......So N and I have been cleaning like MAD! It was a great excuse for me to get a new vacuum....Which I love!
We also changed doctors and had our exam on Friday. We love the new doctors office but didn't Like all of the holes they proceeded to poke in us!

Wow this got long LOL. If you are still reading I guess I should have warned you it was partly a rant.


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