From D.C. to Beijing

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corrected INS form

Last night we got our new and improved INS form! I still cannot believe how fast it came. I had heard horror stories about the Fairfax office and our experience with them has been nothing but FANTASTIC!!!

We have a courier who is going to notarize our 171 and get it authenticated in D.C. then to the State Dept and off to the Chinese consulate. She will be doing this either Friday or Tuesday. This is great news because now N and I do not have to take Friday off and got to D.C.

We should be DTC by September 15. Our agency mails them every other Friday. It is too bad we will miss the one tomorrow because cutie will be 16 months old on Friday!

Once we are DTC we can ask for an update. We should also travel sometime between end of December and end of January we hope.


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