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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Ok I know I keep posting but well...I have a good excuse. I am out of school and I am bored! I know I complain about being tired of school but to be honest I like the routine. I also like that it keeps me too busy to think about what I am about to post........


Ok I know it sounds crazy but it is really starting to bother me. We hope Evie will be home sometime this winter and well its cold and snowy here in the winter. And she has no shoes!!!

I mean people have told me that in her age group she could wear size 5, 6 or 7 shoes!! How am I going to bring shoes to China if I have no idea what size to get?!!?

Now please...........I know to those of you who gave birth to your children this sounds well....hmm it sounds kind of crazy and guess what?!! You are right it is crazy. I mean we can always buy her some shoes IN China. I can take her to a store and point to her little feet and I am sure that they will understand me. But I think this need for shoes is a manifestation of my need to control what little I can in this situation. I mean ever moment that passes she gets a little older and I miss out on her as a baby. I mean she is now 15.5 months old. I know she will be more than 20 months when we go to China and it breaks my heart to miss out on her being a baby.


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