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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Little update

Hmmm well N and I have no power again!!! It went out about 4:45 yesterday and as of 6am this morning it was not up yet. This time we tried to stick it out at home and let me just say..............WE will never speak of this event .......Ever!!!!

It was miserable. It was so hot and humid and because we has the windows open it was LOUD!!!! Now I do not mind not having T.V. or even the computer but no A.C. was terrible!

We got up early because I start school again and there was no hot water so N and I look like drowned rats. I am at school because at least here there is A.C. and food.

We lost power Sunday and it was out for 24hrs and because it was so hot we lost about half of the things in our fridge and freezer. N and I went out Monday night and bought new food but now that too may need to go. We think it didn't stay cool because our fridge is so old!

So it had not been a pleasant weekend and the plans we had didn't happen.

Now for the adoption.......The agency needs our lab reports and a form for firearms needs to be redone. For the dossier we got our local background checks done and they were done right!!!

We are hoping that the medical reports will be done correctly this time and we will need to do the financial report again but after that we will have most of our documents ready.

We are still hoping to have our finalized home study done by next week so we can send it of to the INS!


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