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Monday, May 29, 2006

The frenzy

Ok so lets play a little game........

You want to have a baby and at this very moment the decision is all in the hands of a social worker ...................Who by the way will be coming to your home to judge your parental fitness in a week......

They are very kind and tell you there is absolutely no NEED to clean your home top to bottom.............

Do you:
A) Think wow it will be like a visit from a good friend who wants to help me have a child?
B) Clean a little here and there and pat yourselves on the back?
C) Clean like a whirling dervish and make trips to the used bookstore and the goodwill.....After prying things from your hubby who feels the need to keep every thing?!?!?

You guessed it.......C!!!

We have been cleaning and cleaning all weekend long. The one great thing that has come out of this is....I am getting my way. I hate things....Clutter things......Picture things......Well almost all things.

I love a very minimal look and N likes a more home feeling. But in the cleaning there is little time to decorate so.....I GET MY WAY!!!

Now I love and adore N and he is very good at letting me have my way but he will not usually relent when it comes to books but for Eva he is being a great sport!


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