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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Last Home Study Interview!

We had our last meeting with the social worker today! Everything went well and so now we wait for all of our documents to get to her so she can write up the home study! We are still missing a few documents. I know they are still waiting on our VA background checks, CPA(Child Protective Services report) N's employment letter( more on this in a second), and our medical records.

So far so good! I am still hoping that the home study will be finalized by mid July so that we will be able to apply for our I 600A from the INS. They are taking about 2 months to processes this form at our local office. So if we have our home study done by mid July then we can hope to have our 171H by mid September and be DTC (documents to China) by mid October. We really wanted her home by Christmas but there is little hope of that due to the long INS wait.

Ok we are on take 2 for the employment letter that goes to our home study agency lol. It was perfect....Except the notary did not fill in when their commission expires. So back it goes.

One good thing is the employment letter that goes in our dossier to China was good so we will not need to have that redone.

Our background checks from Ma came back and we may or may not be able to use them.....This is what our dossier consultant said. I included a note with the correct notary language and the person who notarized the forms did not use it ....So it goes back to Ma to be authenticated and fingers crossed it will pass.


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