From D.C. to Beijing

Sunday, June 04, 2006

LOI arrived, and Thomas' New Look

Our LOI document arrived in China Friday. It usually takes 6-8 weeks for them to reply, and then they're ready for the rest of your documents. Hopefully we'll have more ready for them by then. I've heard the USCIS (formerly INS) is taking about 2 months to validate I-600A form that is needed. So we're hoping to be DTC by October.

Thomas was also taken to be groomed Friday. He isn't too happy with his new look, and our other cat, Devil, hisses when he tries to get too close. We're not sure if this is because he looks different, because he smells different, or because she is afraid of the same thing happening to her. For your viewing pleasure, here are two pictures of Thomas' new look -


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