From D.C. to Beijing

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

LOI to China, and a wet cat

The first of many documents has been sent to China! Our Letter Of Intent (LOI) was sent today to Beijing. This is the document in which we express that we wish to adopt Tong, specifically. One step closer to China!

We also have a wet cat in the house today... Thomas (our large Maine Coon cat) has needed to be groomed for a while - his fur has gotten really matted. But first he had to get his rabies shot. So T took him to get it at PetSmart today. Thomas hates the vet and *freaks out* in the cage and car. When T gets to the vet and lifts his cage - the handle breaks off (probably because when Thomas was weighed by the vet - he was found to now be 22 lbs.) Either due to the trip in the car, the fear of the vet, or the falling cage - Thomas has peed. Alot. So T has to get a cart and take our pee-soaked cat to the vet. She buys a new cage at PetSmart, and picks me up from work. Needless to say, I did not have a happy wife (or cat) today. I had to wash Thomas when we got home, which, again, he hates - he struggled so hard that he was actually able to turn the valve that turns the shower on with his paw, and he was actually *panting* when his bath was over - this has been the only time I've ever seen a cat pant... We'll probably have to get Thomas shaved to get the matted places out of his fur - he will probably hate that a lot too. If it comes out looking anything like that "lion cut" cat picture, I'll have to post a picture of it.


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