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Friday, June 30, 2006

Slipping December

Slipping December .........

It is almost July and I am obsessed with December! I had this sick hope that we would have our finished home study in our hands today. But no such luck! Next week is the 4th and so I have little hope that we will get our I600a to the INS before the middle of July! The longer it takes to get the documents to the INS the more my dream of December slips away. I know it was maybe a tad foolish to hope to have Evie by December by I did honestly believe it was possible!

We are still on take 3 for our medical reports for the dossier. We are going to try to get our correct financial document and our local police clearance done next week. We will finish getting these documents together and then when we have everything but the 171H we are going to send them off to the State of VA to get authenticated. We will also have to get the 171H authenticated at the sate level but we are hoping to maybe walk that through instead of waiting. We are not sure that is possible but we hope so.


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