From D.C. to Beijing

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fingers Crossed

N and I have had a horrible time getting the correct medical forms. We picked them up again on Saturday morning and we believe them to be correct! We will not know for sure until Monday when our agency emails us. This has been so hard on us. It has set the adoption back by at least 1 month. So now instead of maybe having her here in December we will be lucky to get her in January.

If these new forms are correct then the agency will approve our home study and we can send it to the INS and then get fingerprinted and wait for our 171h. This takes about 2 months in the D.C. area. We are going to beg our home study agency to ask for it to be expedited because she has special needs. We will also send all of our forms to the state of Virginia to be approved. Then everything will got to the State Department and to the Chinese consulate.


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