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Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!

Today Evie is 16 months old. Wow!

Today I am going to FedEx the last few things our agency needs. Picture pages, visa photos, TB test results, passport copies, and the huge whopping check lol. It is the last part of our agency fee and well it was a little hard to write lol. I get scared when I have to add more than 1 or 2 zeros.

The courier will be taking our 171 on Thursday September 7th and then she will overnight it to the agency. They should get it on Tuesday September 12th and we should be DTC on Friday September15th!

Now once they receive all of our documents we wait for TA(travel approval). Now this can come any time but the average is about 74 days or so. Some people wait 50ish days and some 90ish days. We are praying for TA at the end of November so we can travel around Christmas but we will most likely not travel until January.

After we are DTC we can ask for an update and might be able to send her a package. I am not sure yet about the package and will ask the agency after we are sure we make the 15th DTC date. If we miss it then we would be DTC September 29th.

Now for school. I hate my classes lol. I was spoiled by the 3 week break and to be honest I cannot focus on anything but Evie. N is not too sure about his classes yet because they may have more math than he would like to do.


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