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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Ok Ok I know this is not the update you were looking for. I really really am going to post an update soon. Unfortunately for me little miss LaLa has not been to keen to let me have my measly 1 hour of peace at night the last few evenings. I have no idea why this is.......

I need help with things to do with Eva. I mean people WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY LONG WITH A 2YEAR OLD!!!!

If I have to listen to Elmo's world again I might just go crazy!

I am so glad that my baby does not like TV but I need ideas of what to do all day long.

HELP!!!!! And I may just reward this help with cute little Evie pics.

Crazy ama who misses school.

OOO and I might even post pics of our new car. Which I love so so much even thought N bought it for himself.


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