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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Adoption not natural?

Alright really I should stop reading other people's blogs lol. The idea that adoption is not natural makes me think. I know that adoption is not natural. Because of my religious beliefs I believe that Eva was meant to be my daughter but no its not natural. But then neither is modern medicine and operations which not only save people but help them to have normal lives. The medical care that my sweet Evie needs is not natural either but it will improve her life in such a profound way that I would be a horrible person if I denied it to her because it is not natural. I mean surely intelligent people can accept this idea.

What is natural about adoption then? LOVE!! The deep innate human desire to love and be loved. That is natural and I am so sad for people who do not accept this concept in their lives. I will love Eva who is not bound to me because as a human being I have a profound need to love and to be loved. Just like my daughter.

Now I have no silly notion that Eva will be just like me or N. She will not look like us and she may have a personality that will leave N and I to ask where it came from. But my mother has 4 daughters and we are all very different and yet we were parented by the same 2 people.

So as for adoption not being natural well neither is that medicine that we take everyday or that car you are driving to the mall today to buy chemically processed goods!


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