From D.C. to Beijing

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feb 4th The first half

Today we got up early and took a taxi all by ourselves to the Forbidden City. It was incredible. We had a great time here but had to hurry because our 6pm flight had been changed to a 3 pm flight because we were going to finally meet Eva. We were supposed to do this on Monday but it was moved to Sunday.

We packed up and checked out of our hotel. We meet our guide in the lobby and she took us to the airport. She was also flying with us on the plane to Hohhot. It was nice to have her on the same flight because N and I were worried about the in country flights.

We landed in Hohhot around 4:30-5 ish. We checked into our hotel and we were told we would get Eva about 6:30ish.

At about 6:30 there was a knock at the door and our lives changed forever.


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