From D.C. to Beijing

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feb 5th

We had breakfast and then went to sign the other papers

At one point N had gone to get copies and I had to put my fingerprint on something and the Director held Eva and she cried for me to take her back. I was so happy I thought she must know I love her and things will get better.

Many people told me that by the 3rd day we would see her start to come around.

I have something to say to those people. YOU WERE SO WRONG!!!!!

But anyway the papers were signed and at this point I believe the adoption was final. She was ours good, bad and mostly horrible.

Oh she cried and cried. Those first few days she cried so much. I cried and started to truly doubt if I could bring her home.

But N and I had already agreed. At this point I loved her because she was a wounded child but she did not feel like mine.


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