From D.C. to Beijing

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feb 8th-9th

This day was honestly the darkest of them all. Our guide was coming tonight to bring by all of the final paper work and we were to check for any problems and the next day we would receive all of our paper work back.

Eva had such a horrible day that I finally just handed her to N and told him to take her our of the room. I did not care where they went as long as he gave me an hour alone. When he left I cried and prayed to heaven that I would find the strength to deal with Eva. Her continues crying and wanting to be held but hated me to touch her, not being able to take a shower or be out of her sight for even a second had pushed me too far.

I do not remember how long he was gone for but I do remember she was not crying when they returned. N said that she cried for about 5 mins and then was ok.

The guide dropped the paperwork off and everything was correct.

We woke up on Friday and it was the same as the last few days. She cried when I took a shower. She would eat breakfast and N would eat but I didn't get a chance.

We got all of her correct papers and passport. She was all ours. I finally left the hotel room and we got to the next building over and Eva got sick all of me and some on herself. So I saw very little of Hohhot and we have almost no pictures.


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