From D.C. to Beijing

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

Ok sorry so long for the post.
Went to the doctor because she had a bad cold and she is now 27lbs.
We have now finished the testing with the school system and hope to hear from them soon.
We have found what we hope is a great attachment therapist and maybe soon we will see some improvement in that area. We have been having huge problems with her behavior and attachment issues. Her night terrors are every single night multiple times a night. We love her so much and we have every hope she will be able to overcome her issues with help, love and prayer.

We are leaving for Disney on January 30th and are so excited and terrified! First flights since China.

We had a good bath tonight with NO crying all thanks to bath crayons!!!

We are less than a months from our 1 year anniversary as a family. This brings up lots of happy and sad emotions for all three of us. We always have her family in our thoughts but most especially at this time. It is hard to know how much to celebrate the anniversary of our first meeting tempered with the great sadness and loss our sweet baby endured on the same day.