From D.C. to Beijing

Monday, March 26, 2007

NO to the Easter Bunny

Sorry to the Grandparents but Eva was not going to sit with the Easter bunny. We took her and she saw him but as we got close she put the death grip on me. I did get a few pictures of her in her dress so when I get a chance I will send them.

Eva hit me in the mouth with a book and then she kissed me! I only asked once and she did it! She is getting much better about being hugged and kissed but still not a big fan of kissing or hugging us.

We did teach her when she is hurt to come to us and we will kiss her owie.

Poor N is putting her to bed tonight. She took a 3 hour nap today after visiting the animals at the farm. She loved the animals as long as i had her in the baby carrier. I am so surprised that she lets me carry her in this carrier. It is a Babyhawk and I love it. It lets me carry her for a long time and I do not feel her weight on my back a t all. I wish we had it when we were in China. It is so easy to wear and it looks cute too. It holds her very close to my chest and she looks at me more. I think it makes her feel more secure.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

7 weeks since Eva

We have had Eva for 7 weeks now! Time goes by so fast. We love her so much. We had a good visit with grammy, popop and molly. Mom got her to kiss me and even N got a kiss but now she says no to kissing us. She has learned to shake her head no. I will ask her if she wants to kiss mama or baba and she shakes her head no. It is so cute but I wish she hadn't learned no so fast lol. she also can say bottle and if she wants a bottle she will do the eat sign and say bottle. She is also trying to say bye and yeah.

She is also showing lots of potty training signs. I taught her the sign for diaper and the last few days she will come to me and do the diaper sign and then go off and poop and then come right to me and do the diaper sign. I am not sure if she can tell when she has to pee or not. N and I are going to get her a potty and try next weekend. It is silly but I am not ready to potty train her yet. It is yet one more sign that my baby isn't such a baby any more and I just barely got her.

She is so smart. She is learning so fast.

One issue we are still having lots of trouble with is bath time. she is terrified of the bath and N and I have tried everything. We have put little water and toys and she sill cries the whole time she is in the tub. Mom had the great idea of letting Evie watch her cousins in the tub and maybe she would want in also.

The other issue is that she does not like kids. Whe we got to the playground if a child gets near her she freaks out. I am not sure what this is about. We went to a new playground early this morning ans she played for over an hour and past out at nap time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

6 weeks together

We have been with Eva for 6 weeks now! It feels like we have been together forever. We love her so much. she is a little spitfire but I guess we shouldn't expect anything less.

She is so smart. she knows three signs. She does the eat sign which she also uses for more. she uses the all done sign. She just learned diaper. She does not use this one in the right way yet lol. she has a little doll that S sent and she loves to take its diaper off and then do the diaper sign to me to put a diaper on it. she will also make the diaper sign when we change her.

The other day she was dirty and she brought N and diaper to change her with. She is getting so smart! I am sure if it wasn't for her open palate that she would be talking now. she babbles at us all of the time and sings and dances.

She loves the baby Einstein neighborhood animals DVD. She will hang her tongue out like the dogs do in the video. She also like the teletubbies (much to the dismay of her parents!)

She loves to be tickled and to "kick" the ball. she will take her little ball to the book shelf and hold the shelf while she stands on the ball to make it move. she thinks this is "kicking" the ball.

One new thing she does is to carry her baby around and make sad faces and sounds to it. N and I are a little baffled by this. We think because the doll is Asian that she is sad and telling the baby she is sad. We are not sure but it breaks my heart to watch it. I always kiss her doll and smile at it so who knows.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Truth about the last month

I have not blogged since we have been home for many reasons. It is hard to be on the computer with a small child in the house. The other reason is because the last month has been at times unbearably hard. Some people can handle the truth and to those people(you know who you are) I am eternally grateful. Lots of people cannot accept the truth and all I can do is to tell it.

We love LALA more than anything else in this world. She is an incredible child. She is funny and sweet. Charming and the sound of her singing is enough to bring me to tears. I thank our Heavenly Father every single day that we are able to be her parents. But there have been many many bumps in the last month.

LALA has rages. No these are not tantrums these are rages. She hits and screams and hates to be held or loved on. She has some mild attachment issues that N and I are trying to help her overcome. There is no way to explain these to people who have never seen them. They are very stressful and emotionally draining. There have been days this week where she screamed for most of the day. Poor mom and P had to hear some of it. She can be very charming also. We love her but it is very very hard. She is not a normal child. She was abandoned and spent almost 22 months of her life in an institution.

She is having serious food issues. She has not idea when she is full and would eat until she was sick if we let her. But when we stop feeding her she screams and screams.

These are just some of the things that people do not seem to want to talk about. It does not mean we love her any less. To be honest it makes me love her more. But the people who wish to be in her life need to educate themselves on children with attachment issues and be prepared for the things that needed to be done even if you do not agree with the reasons behind them. N and I love her and it is our job to take care of her and we will do that.

We have seen some improvement since being home and we have faith that she will continue to improve.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

How I love my baby

My sweetheart is sleeping. I love when she naps but I also miss her. I love the sound of her voice. I love when she babbles at me and points to all of the new things she sees. I feel such guilt at the amount of joy she brings me. I cannot even imagine the amount of loss and sorrow that her parents feel. I have only had her in my life for a little more than 3 weeks and I love her more than anything. It makes me feel so sad for the loss that LALA will experience in her life. I can only hope that N and I will be bale to give her what she needs.