From D.C. to Beijing

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feb 13th-14th

Today we had to wait in our room at a certain time while our guide took our paper work to the consulate. Everything checked out fine and then we had the day to shop and take it easy.

I think this was the night we ate at Cow and bridge or it might have been Monday night. All of the families from our agency went. I bet you cannot guess who did not get to eat and she had to leave early because their child was making such a scene in a restaurant full of babies?!!?

If you guessed me you were right!

Eva pitched a huge fit because she did not want to sit in the high chair.

You can also see why we bought very little in China. I wanted to do the cute think where I bought her 16 gifts so she would have one for every year until she is 18 but that did not happen.

Feb 14th

We went to see a temple and for the life of me I cannot think of the name. We had the babies blessed. Now I know by now you can guess which baby did not want to be good for even 1 minute so she could be blessed?

If you guessed the little Mongolian spitfire you are right!
It was a very nice temple and it was great to be out of the hotel. We then headed to the book store and well N was in heaven and Evie not so much. So guess who had to take her down stairs and wait for N to find some food?

We ate and then headed for the swearing in ceremony. The wait was long but the ceremony short.

She was ours and we could bring her home.

All of the families except for 1 ate at Lucy's. Eva was her charming self and pitched a fit and
N had to walk with her so I could eat.

We packed for our trip home the next day.


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