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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sorry for the long abscence

We have been busy. We had a great time getting together with all of the family in Georgia.

We are STILL trying to get pumpkin scheduled for surgery. I am so angry about it I cannot even talk about it.

Pumpkin has decided that she must be up from about 1-3 am ever night! I swear I am so tired I should not even be able to drive.

She has also decided to hug and kiss all on her own. She will just walk up to me and hug me and kiss me. Now you might think the first spontaneous hug and kiss would got to her mom. You know the mom who gets up with her and rocks her for 2 hours in the middle of the night but nope. The first hug and kiss went to Elmo. She went to the TV and tried to wrap her arms around it and kissed the screen.

She has gained a pounds since we got home from grammies. She has sprained my wrist and pulled something in N's back while moving around during tantrums.

She loves....LOVES the word NO! She says it to us about 100 times a day for pretty much everything! I cannot wait until she learns another word!


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